Luxurious Feel

Made out of premium suede alcantara material, this iPhone case will feel elegant in your hand, it is also so light that you can forget that the case is even on!

Premium Quality Foam

TPU impact protection

The precise cut TPU profile highlights the advantages of your phone design. The iPhone 11 series new wireless charging technology is also supportive by this case.

Water Resistant

With new textured suede fabric has water resistant properties, allowing 98% of water to pass through it without becoming wet, ensuring that it always has a textured grip for your hands.

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We focus on the quality and design of our product. Our hard working team is passionate about making sure our products live up to our customers' expectations.

iPhone Luxury Alcantara Case with TPU - Aurik Elfriede
$35.00 USD$23.00 USD
Premium Black
iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro Max
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