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Aurik MattePods Pro with Memory Foam


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Luxury Memory Foam Eartips for Airpods Pro - Aurik Elfriede

Why Our Ear Tips?

Enhanced Noise Cancellation

Aurik Memory Foam Tips are designed to enhance your Airpods Pro's Noise Cancelling feature which blocks ambient sound 1.5x better compared to standard silicon ear tips by reducing the sound tunnelling.

Removes Ear Tip Pain

Standard Silicon Ear-tips are stiff and irritating for your ears. Our Memory Foam Tips are incredibly soft and moldable, allowing them to adjust to your ear canal. 

Micro Mesh Protection

Our tips come with premium mesh material to protect your audio drivers from ear-wax, dust or any small particles, making sure that your AirPods Pros are always shielded from the any particles that can affect sound quality.

Memory Foam Technology

Our foam ear tips provide a more comfortable fit in your ear as it uses memory foam technology to mold itself into any ear type.  Our ear tips will adjust their shape around your ear canal if used regularly ensuring you will have a proper fit no matter what, preserving sound quality, avoiding leakage and keeping the outside noice away from your music.


How do I install the ear tips?

Simply pull off the old silicone ear tips and push our new ear-tips in. Our ear-tips is compatible with the AirPods Pro locking mechanism ensuring easy installation and firm grip.

How do I clean my ear-tips

You can use any wet towel to clean the foam and get rid of any ear wax or dust. Make sure you clean them gently to avoid foam damage.

Are these Ear-tips compatible with other in ear headphones?

Unfortunately, our ear tips are only compatible with AirPods Pro.

Who We Are

Aurik is committed to provide the highest quality audio experiences for our customers. We create, design and produce our high quality phone and audio accessories aimed to enhance and amplify your device's capabilities. 

We are based in Melbourne, Australia with a team dedicated to providing and  finding the best products for the pros around the world.


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